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“European Palestinian Credit Guarantee Foundation”

  • During the last eight years, EPCGF managed to become the leading guarantee program in Palestine in terms of number of SME loans guaranteed, a position EPCGF intends to maintain in the future. The number of approved loan guarantees reached 3000 for a total amount of approximately USD 104 million.
  • The German Financial Cooperation through KfW Entwicklungsbank on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and its financing partners, the European Commission and the European Investment Bank signed in 2005 agreements with the Palestinian Authority to fund the newly established European –Palestinian Credit Guarantee Fund (EPCGF). Donors have agreed to contribute Euro 29 million to the Fund in the form of grants and a soft loan. The fund will support small and medium size enterprises’ access to finance from local banks. Senior officials from the Palestinian Authority, KfW, EIB and European commission attended the signing.
  • The European Palestinian Credit Guarantee Fund’s (EPCGF) mission is to stimulate banks’ lending in Palestine for viable Small and Medium Enterprises ( SMEs) by means of providing credit guarantees on a risk sharing basis in addition to providing access to Finance to Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) by means of providing guarantees to cover their commercial borrowing. EPCGF will support banks in Palestine to downscale their operations by providing portfolio guarantees on a risk sharing basis to cover their micro finance lending. The European Palestinian Credit Guarantee Fund is a revolving guarantee fund and operates on sustainable basis with a view to grow.

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