Agreement between EPCGF and Bank of Palestine to support Micro Finance Lending

EPCGF and Bank of Palestine signed a joint cooperation agreement to guarantee micro finance business loans offered by the bank. The agreement was signed recently at BoP headquarters in Ramallah by Mr. Hashim Shawa, Chairman and General Manager of the Bank, and Mr. Hanna Sahhar, General Manager of EPCGF. Under the agreement, the Fund will support activities related to micro finance projects lending, where these projects are of the most widespread in Palestine. From his side Mr. Hashim Shawa, expressed his delight with this agreement and cooperation with EPCGF, noting that the bank has a strategic interest in the small and micro enterprises sector. Mr. Hanna Sahhar welcomed signing the agreement with Bank of Palestine, explaining that the fund will work to help the bank expand their outreach in financing and development of micro finance sector building on the success story achieved by the Bank during the last three years. He congratulated Bank of Palestine on their achievements in both SME and micro finance markets.